Sunday, December 28, 2008

-- my FAVOURITE dae in a year -- 25.12.xx

D 111th Dae -8 degree 1st Christmas Party In Pushkin

Has gone thru N colloqiums .. practically is tired, mentally sick of dis kind of life ( but no regret yet..=p )

25 th Dec-- Christmas day, but for Russian,they celebrate on 7th Jan~On d X'mas Eve nite,i stayed up til 5 am to studt d others.. My worst X'mas ever.. Pity~~ Well, Malaysian Fellowship organised d 1st EVER Christmas party in our Pushkin Hostel..i was asked to in charge of decoration.. Well, i m glad to accept d task, but..doin dis in Russia, apparently is very hard cos i wasn't well known about Russia, then d sources of materials is limited.. Anyway, i answered Charis with no doubt.. >.<" 7 colloqiums in 2 weeks, exhausted! After Anatomy colloq, i started my preparation of x'mas deco immediately..Running up n down around d -ve degree, my GREATEST assistant, Charis Kong stil enjoy it.. i belif HE wil guide us.. Thank God. Guess what, we cant find high elasticity balloon,glitter powder n lighting tat we wan nearby our place.. sounds IMPOSSIBLE.. who knows, finally, we found it in a miracle way~ d thing ''appeared'' in the same place las minute, d same moment! Again, thanks for d bless~ 27 th Dec, is our day! " 1st X'mas Party In Pushkin" , " X'mas & U".. Starting from d morning, d commitees worked so hard til d evening to get d food to b done..For deco thinggie, i stayed up 2 nights n finished it, FINALLY..thou there's stil a big room for me to improve..BUT, i reli reli reli want to special thank to my crew members!!! " You all did a great job! esp Charis & Chien Huey, thank you for spending d time.. i know & undstd all of us r havin colloqs nxt week stil, but we dis all dis wif full hearted.Thanks..And, d outcome is fantastic.. i got lotsa compliments for d deco, even Andrew Kwok oso spoke it personally to me bout tat. Hope u guys oso enjoy d nite.. We expected 15o participants..but there are 118 ppl oni.. d imperfect thg is ppl getting lesser & lesser thru out d party.. left ~90 ppl .. Anyway, caroling part i love it most. Tat part make me felt d warmth n sweetness of Christmas..Tat's y i like X'Mas d most among d festival. It's d dae tat we r WISHING EACH OTHERS from d bottom of our heart! After caroling,was game session.Well.."Simon says" & "Bryan says" were quite fun..esp mentioning bout "who has d biggest or longest, human's mind would run wildly.. >. <" D food is soooooooooooooooo NIce! Thanks to everyone~ Photo-taking session was d most time-consuming one..Everyone indulged in all d sessions.. With God's help, everything is POSSIBLE! ^^ i m contented.. I did my best & let God to do d rest.. i saw d things happen on them.. i like d spirit of all of them who were doing everything from d bottom of d heart, happily.. thou they might get frustrated sumtime due to d time running so fast.. Afterall, dis X'mas party was a success. =)

Thursday, December 18, 2008

d 101 TH dae in RUSSIA

Winter Sonata.. ** -7 'C WINDY.. hands r numb~

101 days in Russia.. .. shud it b a memorable dae or take it as a norm one~ i got no idea with tat .. too tired, lazy to think.. lol..
Thank God i m stil a complete Charmaine .. =) thou i think d high pressure reli kills lotsa brain & liver cells...

Time passes so fast or too slow.. ..?? There wil a variety of ans from all of us.. BUT d only same thing among us, i think, is d thought of wishing winter holidae comes asap~ no one can take it anymore, 4 or more colloqiums( final exam ) in a week.. which normally 1 or 2 colloqs is already a agony for EVERYONE( except those who reli chill ~ =p ) i heard tat's one gal who is having 7 in a week (Jiayou! GB).. poor thing~

Let's put books n pressure aside! Below are some fantastic pictures, Charmaine wishes to share with her b'loved family members & frens ~ Sorry if anyone who feels unwell after seeing all these..^_^ Have a nice weekend.. JIAYOU Charmaine, after next week muz solve insomnia problem~

What bone is this? =p

Figure out.. ?! Hee..

My unitmate, Joanna Seek

My roomate, Chien Huey

Who looks like doctor more? Hehe..


My groupmate, Tee

In Anatomy Department.. Classroom

Yee..~~ Releasing stress..? lol..

My unitmate, Valynne Ng

My unitmate, Charis Kong

Oopss... Falling in love with HIM??!!

1ST CLOSE relationship with Mr. Cadaver

Most welcome to Leave ur comment(s) to Mr. Cadaver ^.^ Thanks..

Saturday, December 13, 2008

忙 〉〉〉茫。。

对不起, Valynne。。我也好想在圣诞慈善晚会帮你。。但。。精神上我想我已经负荷不来了。。
所以。。对不起。。 让你失望了。。只因我也很累了~

Friday, December 12, 2008


这一切的 苦
感受想家的 酸
生活日常 菜米油盐的 辣
春天的 甜


她知道 用笑
可以盖掉 你们的问号
她知道 用梦
可以离开 别人的世界

一月 十六日

二月 十四日

她找不到 梦想的简单
他们 遗失了
心 变不

她会难过 但不放弃
压力 也会离开
但 他们


但 是个梦想。。
提醒、记住 这样的心

祈祷 希望
找回他们的 纯心
六年 再多的六年
世界 会更美

可以这样 简单 …… ^_^

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Night just simple.. **

wlnter SonaTa .. d 92th dae **

D beginning of everything is alwiz hard.. No matter how, i have to adapt to everything here.. Education system here is extremely different from Malaysia's ones..or more suitable to b said, the lecturers all have their OWN way of marking.. You might b prepare well and go for d colloqium with full-hearted,but when u reach there, d lecturer gave u another thing to b tested. OR.. ur brain fulled with question marks, but u score not bad.. There's NO such word as UNFAIR in Russia, for me, and my classmates, we are that kind of " guai guai" students, we do not dare to take d risk.. cos we do not reli know, who wil b d lucky one to b d PET of lecturer of that dae according to their mood ~~( normally will have one for permanent one.. @.@")

Life of sleeping late at 2-3 am, wake up at 6am+ is a suffering..esp for a piggie like me ..hee.. soo.. i trying to set my sleeping hours at a proper period, to sleep more better & a healthier one.. so sleep at 11pm,wake up at 3am. This changes have to b made, when i realise my body starts to complain to me.. My friends always come to visit me..COUGHING, FLU, GASTRIC & not forget my BEST friend, SORE THROAT! Kinda sick of these, esp facing them in d winter! Cannot consume too many panadol as i stil nid to eat books~~ So, Charmaine, must stick to d plan, n eat well ya!Persevere in this so called " healthy life style" for this 6 years! Hey, all beloved friends in Msia & RUS,million of Thanks for ALL d concerned messages in all Forms.. d prays for me.. THANK Q MF members ..& HIM! & all kinds of medicine that are offered!(BC,JOEN,VALYNNE,JAMES,CHIEN HUEY ..etc) And, thanks Chien, a cute but quiet gal,my roomate who is studying medicine but strongly belif d healing power of natural elements..She offered me an APPLE when i was sick severely,saying that an apple a dae, keeps my BEST FRIENDS away~ lolz.. After 2 weeks, finally,I m fully recovered.. ^_^ Sorry if u got a fright from my past blog ( coughing and flu with blood) ! ^^

My roomate's work.. Thanks for d comfort~ ^^

An apple by my side..

The night is still "Young" --- is 4.30pm at tat time..

Beautiful Sky .. Beauty of Colours ~

All this while, i wil go to study room in my floor to study during midnight..Last week, i went out to d hall in d center of d floor , as i felt bored already after studying bioorganic chemistry & biology for 7 hours.. i discovered sumthing beautiful.. d Night View of RUSSIA.. through d window.. Russia is another city without stars.. as Singapore.. that's d only imperfect! .. I realise sumthing .. i may hav forgotten or neglected sum or alot of things around me due to d busyness.. my mind started thinking.. It's indeed not a miracle y i m here, i m here bcos of my choice! Watching d dark blue sky, it seems no difference as Msia one.. just my family members are not with me.. sob sob~ my homesickness breakout again~ >.< D tension of studies, d load of homeworks, ... etc.. Rain or shine, smile, smile , smile, nothing cannot b passed! ^^ Charmaine , jiayou!

Jessica, "guai guai" o..Stay strong! Be persevere in everything you undergo.. Good girl o..

Friday, November 28, 2008

Looking in yourself **

Tagged by Cindy

1. Take a recent picture of yourself or just snap yourself on the spot
2. Don't change your clothes, Don't fix your hair , etc... just like tat..
1,2,3.. Capture "U" at this moment..
3. Post the picture with NO editing..
4. Post these instructions as well with your picture
5. Tag 5 people to do this

Oh no.. i m so lackadaisical..and looks like in low spirit..Indeed, just woke up from my lovely bed after consuming tablets of medicine tat cause sleeping disease.. =.= The worst thing is, with pimples at my lower jaw and forehead.. @#$%^*@#$%&* i hate it!
i shouldn't make myself to this stage..oni slep for 3 or 4 hours oni per day..haih..

Looking back to 3 months ago,

The differences are so obvious..what can i do.. unless all the lecturers have mercy on us.. cut down d load of EXAMINATIONS (IMPOSSIBLE, IT RUNS ACCORDING TO SCHEDULE.. )~~
anyway.i shud tell myself to take care..lolz....since i chose to study medicine..It is fated that "all work and no play",that's my life..

I tagged Noty-gan, Kaiting, Valynne, Ting and Junru.. ^_^

No worries..

Daes of winter s0nata ** d 81 th dae ..

i m NOT
a hypnotist..
And, now i know..
until i lost d ability
to mesmerize myself..

"you can,you can do it.."
the concetration of
this motivation force
is decreasing sharply..
not all becos of d
endless exams..
... ...
just feel that i m too weak

sick for sometime,
i wish to have a great sleep..
(lots of them wish too)
And,it is hard..
juz too tense..
til nid d power of ebony & ivory
drag me to d dreamy world

i m sick,
add on d "sickness" of
not understand every single thing
during Russian class
being d worst in d class
d feeling is grievous

should i blame my agent
for not arranging a proper Russian class
before this
OR i should blame myself
for not enuf diligent..

On d way to anatomy clas
i got my 1st fall
on d snowy ground
it was painful
found out
forget to bring my lab coat
is a taboo for ANATOMY

All the falls in a day
in d end,
tears collapse
yesterdae,asleep with tears
todae, back with tears

No matter how,
i stil hav to face it..
No worries,
i m fine.
i juz nid a place to throw
d sadness away..

my smile will continue
to head forward.. ^_^

Thursday, November 27, 2008


在雪地里的日子第80天 雪白的天



泪 选择崩溃




Friday, November 21, 2008

Snow_ING ^_+ & ^_- Sick_ING

在雪地里的日子第74天 snOw_ing -ve degree

** My favourite WHITE ground with Blue sky..**

20 Nov 2008

It's my first winter in my life.. i supposed to b as excited as my fellows coursemates..but........

I had to sit a killer colloq (final exam) later..8.40am---ANATOMY..but i reli felt not well..felt my head was spinning..i was coughing badly from d day b4 dis..but i stil wanted to take my colloq,faster end al these hard time..When i was wearing my shoes..OUT OF SUDDEN..i saw sumthing red on my fingers..WAT??IS BLOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I got stunned.I went bec to my room n turned my head upward..It's was my 1st time to have nose bleeding in my life~My roomate approached to me and helped me to stop it..but it was hard..others frens like Jasper & Gan oso came in..I know they got a fright..sorry~ @.@ even myself also..Juat after a while, my mouth was full with blood..>.<

Back to d point...My nose stopped bleeding was 8am now.Gosh..sorryyyyy..CHARIS,VALYNNE,CHIEN HUEY,JASPER & GAN..Outside was snowing heeavily, like snow storm..i was like snowGirl..=.='' Falling sick during winter was sufferable..hardly can breath..We rushed to our Anatomy Department at nearly 9am.Luckily my horror teacher (=p) Valentina stil not in. i was voiceless that time..Headache was killing my brain cells~ Valentina was merciless & brutal to me..she did not spare me althou i was sick,voiceless..My pointing oni got 3( d best is 5,worst is 1)..She was juz being impatient to listen to me to finish my words..After 3 hours of struggling time,finally everything back to d ground. I got 5 for mcq,4 for oral and lecture.So,overall is 4 i think.. **

Ater anatomy lecture, I skipped my General Chemistry replacement class.. i think i reli need a good rest..My neck is superly pain..may b hurt my muscle due to my study table too low..On d way was my 1st time to enjoy d spectacular scenery..Below are some pictures (before&after, symbolize autumn vs winter). Here it goes :

**Park in front of Hostel **

** My Pushkin Hostel in Yugo-Zapadnaya **

** Canteen at my lecture and class buiding-- SEE d breads?? seems normal rite? d price is from RM 3 ~Rm7.. scary~~

** Lecture Hall **

Hopefully i will get well soon a MUST!!! after nxt week my new colloqium cycle starts again~~ i had been lazy since yesterday nite..cant afford to sick more.. Pray hard to recover asap!!!!!!hope my coursemates whoever is sick oso get well soon~ ^_^

Winter season starts..d fallling of degree still acceptable.. hope dis 1st winter is a pleasance ones..Happie 1st winter ... (@^_^@)