Thursday, October 28, 2010

NO misunderstanding! :D

I really hate misunderstanding...
Thiking too much (human nature) contributes in this issue too..
That's why love to make things clear before the day is ended ..
thou sometime is quite hard due to time factor, human factors ,... etc
In overall, are beyond our ability sometimes..
apparently we cant expect everyone to understand us..

The saddest thing is the one u care dont understand u..haha..
And, i noe ..really for sure, could not cling well wif certain person from the beginning,
or in some matters, it reali cant work till the end..
That is so called "normal fren" or may be "hi- and bye-" people...

The feeling of being misunderstood is killing.. Nid to breathe harder..
Maybe.. should revalue this matter to gain my smiles back.. Haha...

Starting my day off wif more patience can help to be more considerate~ logically..
Hope we can end our each day wif good feeling towards all thing without complicated misunderstanding .. Simple enough~ :)

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Missing sunny autumn
(might be snowing todae ~.~)

It has been sometime never write down words bout my days... 2 year had passed, and summer too. Is officially 3rd year now.. the hectic new time table with about 8 subjects... very often caused the feeling of behind the schedule or rushing to catch the train.

Definitely, diff kind of thoughts developed and encouragements are needed. :) Indeed is hard to move on especially when more than one exam comes and pharmacology cycle is running every week, but i strongly believe is easier if we all move on with supporting each other, ie, waking up lynn or vice versa, to study after sleeping 3 or 4 hours.. Haha... thou we might have negative emotion but we know in our heart that this is our 3rd year life.. Don blame each other la... haha....

Resurrecting this blog not only coz of answering the questions of few friends...letting them to know my recent life and condition, and also after each tired day, i reli feel tired, exhausted and might have lotsa thought but hardly can share... and not forget time zone factor.. Anyway, Hope i can arrange time more wisely to continue this blogging... thou sometimes i tink is wasting time. Hahaha.... JIAYOU Maine~ :)