Saturday, August 29, 2009

Trials in life

Proceeding to my 2nd year in medical field. Sounds everything runs smoothly.

I left Malaysia to Moscow on Monday. Thought staying at Spartive for 2 nights temporary. It costs us 300 Rubbles per night. Mos Lanka ( known as Money Laundry by a creative student ) which as the beneficiary of our university makes us headache deadly. Eventually, we will move to Kusminki which is our permanent hostel on 31st August. Our classes start on 1st September. Sigh~ Means we need to find place to stay for the next 6 days... Thanks alot Alot ALOT to the lovely & helpful seniors in Spartive. Few of our seniors are still holidaying in Malaysia. That's why we could fortunately stay at their rooms. Couldn't imagine what's gona happen without them ... ...

Tomorrow is our big day. We have to shift our stuff from 3 different places to Kusminki. More stories to be continued ~ >.<

The service message for this great Sunday is " Are you ready to travel? '' Thinking deeply. Very often we ask WHY when we face hardship or in an unfavorable situation. Learning to be obedient, just follow the waves of life. His plan is alwiz best for us. He places us in all zones, we mustn't take it for granted sometimes but keep practicing our faith to Him. Learning to acknowledge my weakness, and i want to rectify them, as I have a Holy Father as my friend.Dark, it is so dark that I could not able to recognize which is the true way. I need the brightest light to pull through ...

Thanks .. and thanks .. for yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Xi'An Part 1 - Smiles

Smiles can brighten our life. Apparently, the suffering and pain are some of the factors that can make people forget how to smile.. Let's see how do you feel when looking at their smiles but seeing into their eyes ... ...

* with Pastor David & newly painted wall and mullar *
* Lois (UK), Susan (Scotland), Isaac Siow, Chin Ling and I were grouped to renew this stairway *
* ChinLing had a good time with the lovely kids *
* Bev ( Australia) is the long-termed volunteer of China Heart International. She is a former experienced nurse.
* Nicola ( Wales) is a journalist and a part time teacher of a private centre. Her favourite quote is Amazing. Lovely and then give you a wink. She loves kids. *
* Soo Ying worked well with her Red team! " Jiayou .. Jiayou .. " they shouted excitedly.
* Game Time *

* Sea World *
* The other groups cleaned and painted 3 1/2 classrooms and corridors that was rundown in 5 days.
* Calviny *

* Nicola & Bev *

* Praise the Lord that the principal of Dr School requested to join us during the pray and worship. * Right-Barney ( Australia) *

* Mercy Team *
* ChinLing, Lois & I * I washed one part of my hair with carosine b'coz got oil paint on it >.< ** Hardworking Lynn that painted all the blackboard frames and doors. *
* Dr Liu, principal of Dr School also took part. He always said duno how to repay, but all of us know well that we are building His kingdom. This mission is for Him. May His blessing be poured abundantly to every corner of the school and every single wonderful kid. *

* Glen (Australia) is a very nice guy who brought us lotsa laughters. He supervised the work so that would be able to finish on time. *
* Aaron and Bev wore the specs that were to protect our eyes during school maintenance. *

* Isaac them went to a boarding school that the management strictly diciplines the problematic teenagers. They had English conversation in that 2 days to know the stories behind them which led my teamates to tears. *
* Pain behind the smile.No one knows, but their presence brought sparkles of hope in their life. *

* Pastor David & John (England) *
* Our Malaysia Team leader, Isaac Siow *

* John and Ros (Australia) were teaching them English. *

* Lunch Time at boarding school *

* The hostel at Dr School * Rundown area, but ChinaHeart International sponsored the heating system for the children so that they can focus in their studies during winter. *
* the kitchen of the hostel *

* Their smiles looked so innocent and sweet. *

* We mingled with the kids at Dr School.Although they are having spring summer break now, but they were not reluctant to back to school for extra class. I really amazed their spirit of gaining knowledge at such downtown area. *
* Aaron bought big watermelons for us to prevent sun stroke. *

* Ros & SooYing *