Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Vice-versa Theory

My father alwiz said insistence & stuborness is just a line of difference.
My roomate said my thinking of the simplest is alwiz the most complex.
God said the faith without an action is death.

Realised that a lot of things are simply repeating as its own cycle, which men take it right when they are told inapparently, but make it wrong when they did it unintentional, or might not..
How much we do is really not be measured by ourselves.. but by the recipient and God who sees, feels and touches.. you can only stopped when you are tired of giving.. but i bet u will surely not when you really love that things or person, like showering my mum wif my love or watering my house plants which my siblings took effort and time that every evening. My parents and best frens do feel unpleasant when thing turns wrong, but they love me n understand me well enough till they know which and what work the best in me, making me who i am todae, Thanks so much for such a great blessing of having my lovely parents n frens.. Os, kaenice, joyce, .... frens in all diff countries, not forget Moscow frens..

i doubt i wont hurt them in my life, but i think the most i might disappoint them in a way.. probably :) but i hope it won't happen. Therefore, i will use the best way as i think to love them, might be not sumthg they want.. like my yougest sister doesn't like kissing from us.. This is the world that often has "vice-versa'' theory, nothing is actually can be standardized. The word ''standard'' is just a boundary of normal, but even human body cant remain 37*C every minutes.. Hahaha....

In the end, not all standard ways suit all, not all our ways suit our beloved ones around us.. even a stranger? :P Using a more comfortable way to treat each other can balance the relationship & enlighten each other.. We use more energy to spoil up other's emotion, unless you want a diet, but this is the most unhealthy one *wink* Remember God's commandment, when we are being folding into more Christ-like, shouldnt we use the commandment to treat everyone? :D